Saturday, August 14, 2010

Orky Easter Island Heads

I'm certainly no terrain expert, but thought folks might be interested in these quick, easy and cheap Orky style Easter Island heads.  I picked up a giant bag of styrofoam sheets that someone was throwing out so I'm making these with the scraps for bigger pieces like hills.

Stone Orky Heads carved by a long forgotten tribe to watch out for intruders from off table.
Basically I started with three equal rectangles of foam like so
Then I stack them all together, cut out the basic shape and even out the edges.
And cut out a shallow gouge for the brow line.
At this point I separate them out and make deeper gouges on two for the eyes and leave the third for the nose.
And then cut out the final shapes making sure they line up as needed.  You can see how rough the cuts are here but that's ok.
Then glue the three pieces together and cut out some gouges for the cheek bones.  Once it's dry, sand it down real good so it stands upright and there are no sharp edges.
Add some ears, angle the eyebrows and cover in a thick coat of stucco textured paint.
Obviously I've got a lot of variation as I was experimenting.  But this is the style I like the most, kind of a demon orc look.  Like everything of this nature, by the time you have it down, you don't really want to do it anymore.

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