Saturday, August 14, 2010

8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Rant

I'm not normally one to bash Games Workshop.  I don't buy too many of their products anymore but they do their thing and I do mine.  However the new massive 500+ page book for Warhammer 8th edition got me a little excited.  I'm still looking for the ideal mass battle game for my 15mm figures and Warhammer handles just the right sized armies I want to use. 
OK $75 for a single rule book is a little steep but it's full color and massive.  But upon further research it doesn't seem to have any actual army lists in it.  Just a summary, no points cost or unit abilities.  Seriously?  500+ pages and they couldn't fit in basic army lists like they did for 3rd edition, the last one I played.  So I'd have to buy the $75 book and a $30 army book for each army I want to use.  So $135 just to get started and that doesn't give you a single figure???
No thanks.  GW is really pushing customers into the "Warhammer Hobby" and if you want to use their products for something else, well too bad.  I'm an adult now and so are all my gamer friends.  I know they are not going to buy and paint up their own armies and I'm fine with providing armies for everyone.  Part of the reason I went to 15mm.  But no way in hell I'm shelling out more money for rule books than I would spend on a complete army!
Anybody got any suggestions for a mass battle rule set and want to break down the merits of their favorite?  I prefer single basing but can live with multibase elements as long as all elements are not the same size (ie 4 bases of 3 figures like HoTT, DBA, most of the others)


  1. Pride of Lions seems like a pretty good game. Similar basing, uses SLM minis (and others). Has a forum on Yahoo. Might be worth a look.

  2. I could not agree any more than you. Every time I look at GW the prices go up and the content goes down. They seem to baffle you with bull shit, and flashy stuff.

    I play ChipCo's Fantasy rules 3, and the TCE edition.