Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 15mm Orc Army YTD

Some shots of my Orc Army.  I'm finished with it for now but will revisit after I knock out some scenery and another army or two.  Figures are from Black Raven Foundry, Splintered Light, Demonworld, Old Glory, BloodDawn and some plastics from BattleLore board game.  Sizewise they mix pretty well.  The BloodDawn are huuge but I use them as Ogres.  The BattleLore figs vary is size.  The lizard-riders are great but the foot hobgoblins are almost too large.
Wide shot of the entire army.  Obviously you can't see anything at this level but this is the size of the armies I want to play with. 
Aerial shot here, you can see a little more but not much.  16 different elements.  Hopefully the upcoming Mass Battle Song of Blades and Heroes can handle that.
Big block (18) of sword armed orcs with leader, banner and musician.
13 Orcs with spear.  I'll add some command to this later.  Both of these came from the same pack of BRF foot orc.  Great price.
10 archers again BRF.  Will need to bolster these guys for sure.
Hobgoblin archers from BattleLore.  Since there is only four of them, I'll use them as skirmishers.  But I like the look of them as they go with the desert theme I'm trying to get going for the orcs.
Hobgoblin skirmishers again from BattleLore.  I tried to make the skin tone of the hobgoblins more of the Games Workshop bright green, while keeping the Orcs a more ominous grey-green.
Human slaves, figures from Old Glory Crusades line.  My clear coat hazed over on these guys due to the humidity here in Georgia.  I sprayed them again and that helped a lot but they still look washed out.  But that's OK for feeble human slaves.
Two orcs that I stole from a BRF chariot pack ensure the slaves get to the front lines.
The Elite Forces:
Splintered Light Savage Orcs painted with blue GW style tattoos.  I can't wait for them to release the Savage Orc Command.  I'm hoping for a Shaman as well.
Ogres.  BloodDawn Orcs but they are tall and beefy enough to serve as ogres.  Painted in flesh tones to make them stand out from the orcs.  Very happy with these figures.
Minotaurs from Demonworld.  I love Minotaurs but most other brands look more like generic beastmen.  I can't stand "Minotaurs" with horns that don't stick out.  If anyone has online photos of the Black Raven Foundry minotaurs, please let me know!
The Cavalry:
Wolf Riders from Demonworld.  I got a pack of female orcs on bears and a pack of male orcs on wolfs.  Mix of riders here, not sure what I'm going to do with the bears.   I plan to get some camels and mount the remainder of the riders on camels.
Goblins on lizards from BattleLore.  I wish more figures came with plain, flat shields.  All the BRF figs have some design sculpted on the shield which I don't like.  I tried to repeat the hand print design seen on the right here and an orc skull design as much as possible.
War Machines:
Gork's Own Catapult.  From DemonWorld.  Someone please get those figs in production again!  This was one was clear coated with the human slaves that hazed over.  So I lost a good bit of detail.  But such is life.
Chariot from BRF.  Not crazy about the whole bone motif they got going on here.  They come two to a pack so I plan on using balsa wood to make the carriage on the second one.
Giant Cyclops from Reaper.  This is why I love 15mm, you can get an impressively sized giant for $5.
Orc on Giant Scorpion from BloodDawn.  He still has a high gloss coat, trying to decide if I like that but need to dull the rider either way.
Giant Spider from BattleLore.
Demonworld Orc Rider on Games Workshop Cold One lizard (from their old Darf Elf line)
Well there you have it, the entire army so far.  I'd like to get some more figures that look desert-y.  Eureka make some great looking Man-Orcs that I intend to add.  Maybe some Pendraken 10mm desert and night orcs for use as goblins.  Another couple blocks of basic foot orcs.  Not sure if it needs much more than that.

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